Indianapolis Women’s History: Lucy Ann Seaton

The month of March is Women’s History Month.  Crown Hill Cemetery is the final resting place to many women who made their mark on Indianapolis history.  It is especially important this month to note that the first burial in Crown Hill Cemetery was a woman.  

Crown Hill Cemetery was founded on September 25, 1863 and the first burial followed on June 2, 1864.  Lucy Ann Seaton died at age 33 of “Consumption”, or Tuberculosis.  The Seaton family was new to Indianapolis and her husband John, a Civil War Union Captain, advertised her funeral in the newspaper seeking people to attend, which many did.  Their daughter, also named Lucy, was buried alongside her mother just four months later. 

The carving at the top of Mrs. Seaton’s monument is of a weeping willow tree, a symbol often used to depict sorrow and mourning.  A touching epitaph from her young bereaved husband is recorded on the last line of her monument: “Lucy, God grant I can meet you in heaven.”


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