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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of someone you lost, in hope for someone you know is hurting, or just to send a comforting message to someone special.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

1.  Enter the name of the person you are remembering:

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2.  Enter the name(s) of the candle lighters: ex. Jeanne, Nate and Tyler with love

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3.  Pick a candle

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If you don't find the candles you are looking for, try browsing candles by letter. (Candles may be listed by first name)

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Listing of Candles

17994 lit candles

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   For Jerome Henderson  ~Lit by~ Kevin & Peggy

   For Charles F. Miller  ~Lit by~ Karen A. Farrell

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ Griff and Yvonne Boutwell

   For Duane Lambert  ~Lit by~ Cindy Wiles

   For Jerome Henderson  ~Lit by~ Jana Williams

   For Jerome Henderson  ~Lit by~ Cheryl Taylor

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ Naz, Edmund, Lucy, Vincent, Rajnie, Simran & Nessa with love

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ Barb Culbertson

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ Philip and Sami

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ Lonnie Al

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ Your Loving wife Linda u will always be miss

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ Uncle Vic

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ Mom Doris

   For A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ Lonnie Al

   For A.D. Murphy   ~Lit by~ Kevin Stallard Jr.

   For A.D. Murphy   ~Lit by~ Donie and Ron Moss

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ The Hubbard's

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ The Hubbard Family

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ The Maxey's

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ Vonda Jeremy Hootie

   For Mr. AD Murphy   ~Lit by~ The Hubbard's

   For AD Murphy  ~Lit by~ ChaCha, Chancz and Chayse

   For John Dellon  ~Lit by~ John Gasper

   For Algie Pierce Worley  ~Lit by~ Need you and your Angel friends for your girls right now. Miss U! Daughter Renee

   For Mr. A.D. Murphy  ~Lit by~ Evelyn, Christine & Christian with love

   For Jerome Henderson  ~Lit by~ Sharon

   For Jerome Henderson  ~Lit by~ Judith, Ajoie and Naomi

   For Harry K. Dickerson  ~Lit by~ Evangeline Powell (Daughter)

   For Jason J. Lee  ~Lit by~ Your aunt Jodie

   For Mary Boykin  ~Lit by~ Lynnette Kincy

   For Robert Buckner  ~Lit by~ Rickia Dyson

   For Robert Buckner  ~Lit by~ Pamala Daniels

   For Teresa Greene  ~Lit by~ Deja

   For Teresa Greene  ~Lit by~ Deja Nevaeha Natalyia Brian Jr Brian Sr

   For Gloria Bouier  ~Lit by~ debra sprowl

   For Gloria Bouier  ~Lit by~ Jody Leavell

   For Robert Buckner  ~Lit by~ Leah Copas and April Tague

   For Ms. Betty J Sullivan  ~Lit by~ Louise Brooks

   For Gloria Bouier  ~Lit by~ Louise Brooks

   For Pearl Hess  ~Lit by~ Dakota and Jackie reeves

   For S. J. Mac McKenzie  ~Lit by~ Mattie Bryant, Cynthia Bryant and family.

   For Pearl Hess  ~Lit by~ Johnson family

   For Dwayne Kent Turner  ~Lit by~ Dr. Gwen West

   For Christian white  ~Lit by~ Keichelle oliver

   For Don Funkhouser  ~Lit by~ Dawn Niemann and Family with love

   For Della Rae Hollis-White  ~Lit by~ Almonte Ramon Alexander

   For Della Rae Hollis-White  ~Lit by~ Almonte Ramon Alexander

   For Don Funkhouser  ~Lit by~ Cara Jaggers

   For Don Funkhouser  ~Lit by~ Dave & Faith Clark

   For Keith Smith  ~Lit by~ Gordon and Donna Smith

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