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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of someone you lost, in hope for someone you know is hurting, or just to send a comforting message to someone special.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

1.  Enter the name of the person you are remembering:

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2.  Enter the name(s) of the candle lighters: ex. Jeanne, Nate and Tyler with love

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Listing of Candles

19729 lit candles

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   For Mrs. Mamie S. Peters  ~Lit by~ Susan with love

   For Cody Offutt  ~Lit by~ Kaitlyn Pierce

   For Cody Offutt  ~Lit by~ Marcy Family

   For Mr. Max C. Burke  ~Lit by~ Peggy Willis

   For max burke  ~Lit by~ peggy willis

   For Ora D. Blanton  ~Lit by~ Pasted student

   For Mr. Max C. Burke  ~Lit by~ Patrick McGuirk

   For Charles Edward Borders  ~Lit by~ Michael and Carla Landry

   For Mrs. Resenda Burnett  ~Lit by~  Beth Fortune-condolences

   For Cody Offutt  ~Lit by~ bigem

   For Mrs. Betty Shelhorn  ~Lit by~ Kamon(Charlie)

   For Mrs. Betty Shelhorn  ~Lit by~ Georgia Briggs-Witte

   For Larry J. Lyons  ~Lit by~ Gloria martin I comforted you when u needed me now you comfort when I need you

   For Mrs. Betty Shelhorn  ~Lit by~ Ed, Shannon, Aidan, Katarina, & Norah

   For Cody Offutt  ~Lit by~ Debra, natalie, tony and anthony Bibbs

   For Cody Offutt  ~Lit by~ Tammi

   For Mrs. Betty Shelhorn  ~Lit by~ Ed, Shannon, Aidan, Katarina, & Norah

   For Mrs. Betty Shelhorn  ~Lit by~ Nancy and Paul Baun, love you momie!

   For Mrs. Betty Shelhorn  ~Lit by~ Sam and Georgia Witte

   For Cody Offutt  ~Lit by~ Bill and Pam Freed

   For Mrs. Resenda Burnett  ~Lit by~ Lloyd, 4ever loved

   For Mrs. Betty Shelhorn  ~Lit by~ Ashly, Justin, Nicolle and Katelynn we love you and miss you Great Grandma

   For Mrs. Betty Shelhorn  ~Lit by~ Tatman Family with love. You will be missed

   For Resenda Burnett  ~Lit by~ Lloyd Burnett, I missing you

   For Mrs. Betty Shelhorn  ~Lit by~ With love and respect, Michael Gifford

   For Mrs. Resenda Burnett  ~Lit by~ Talena and La Rue, we love you Mom.

   For Claudia J. Hoone  ~Lit by~ Birthday wishes

   For Stephanie Williams  ~Lit by~ Eyvonne

   For Beverly Jean Cousin  ~Lit by~ Eld.William and Eyvonne Harris

   For Aaron Robert Essig  ~Lit by~ Treva Meredith

   For Stephanie Williams  ~Lit by~ Marcy (Book) Jones

   For Robert W. Wilds  ~Lit by~ Tyre Shelton

   For Aaron Essig  ~Lit by~ Jeff and Karen Jones

   For Cody Offutt  ~Lit by~ Jamie West Hunnicutt

   For Mrs. Resenda Burnett  ~Lit by~ Giana

   For Betty Shelhorn  ~Lit by~ Sam S. Witte II, Melissa Witte, Nickolas Witte, Sakura Witte, and Kaida Witte

   For Mrs. Resenda Burnett  ~Lit by~ Marta and Tracy Frazier

   For Mrs. Resenda Burnett  ~Lit by~ Mrs. Judy Allen Dodson

   For Resenda Burnett(Cindy)  ~Lit by~ Theresa McFadden(Taylor) and family with much much love.May you rest in peace C

   For Mrs. Resenda Burnett  ~Lit by~ Mrs Vianda Tinker

   For cody offutt  ~Lit by~ antonio campbell

   For Resenda Burnett  ~Lit by~ Larry Tinker

   For Betty Shelhorn  ~Lit by~ Glori always be in my heart!! Kisses

   For Betty Shelhorn  ~Lit by~ Glori,Michael,Cheyenne and Zeriyah Grandma I miss you so much! You will always b

   For Mr. Walter A Glenn  ~Lit by~ lisa Beckwith(Marsh 52nd Keystone

   For Loraine Williamson  ~Lit by~ lisa Beckwith(Marsh 52nd Keystone

   For Mary Ann Lacey Edmonds  ~Lit by~ Karen Martin

   For Nancy Dee Broock  ~Lit by~ Janeen and Lenny Kass

   For anna lucille cutler ladybug  ~Lit by~ stacie renee lilladybug love your baby girl

   For Cody Offutt  ~Lit by~ Ameenah Alapafuja

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