Calendar of Events

You may schedule a private group tour for a minimum of $50.00 or request a tour brochure by calling 317-920-2644. Each tour costs $5.00 for adults, $4.00 for seniors and $3.00 for children.

We offer public tours from March through November, twice a month on a Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon. Reservations are not required and you often have the opportunity to see the sunset from Indianapolis' highest hill, where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city's skyline.

Please click on our Events Listing for a complete schedule of all our public tours and events.

Self-guided tour history books are available to purchase for just $5.00 or $7.50 if you would like us to mail it to you. The book contains various historical photographs and the history of Crown Hill. You may order a book through our web-site or pick one up at our administration building or Waiting Station offices.

An educator's handbook has been developed by the Foundation to provide teachers with a multi-disciplinary curriculum that contains eight lesson plans and sample teaching units such as: the history of Crown Hill, historic figures, Indiana heritage, cemetery preservation, funerary art and architecture, nature and foliage, and genealogy. If you would like more information about our tours, special events or educator's handbook please email us at or call 317-920-2644.