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Jun 7 - Oct 26, 2013
Gothic Chapel, 34th & Boulevard Place (3400 Boulevard Place), Indianapolis, IN


TICKET SALES UPDATE - Current on 10/21/13 at 10:30 am

Thursday, 10/17: All seats SOLD OUT
Friday, 10/17: All seats SOLD OUT
Saturday, 10/19: All seats SOLD OUT

Thursday 10/24: Chapel seats - 1 Available; Vestibule seats - 3 Available
Friday 10/25: Chapel seats - 1 Available; Vestibule seats - 5 Available
Saturday 10/26: Chapel seats SOLD OUT; Vestibule seats - 3 Available

2013 MUSIC OF THE NIGHT CONCERTS! Oct. 17, 18, & 19 and 24, 25, & 26!
Please copy & paste this link into your browser window for the latest concert info and to purchase tickets! http://musicofthenight2013.eventbrite.com/

✵ 2013 MUSIC OF THE NIGHT Concerts - our most popular event!!! Featuring Charles Manning as Phantom of the Opera with Vocalists Brooke Fitzwater and Eric Wickens.

✵ WHEN: Concerts & Guided Tours - Concerts begin at 8:00 p.m. on six nights over last two weekends of October - Oct. 17, 18, & 19 and 24, 25, & 26! Tours begin following refreshments at approx. 9:15 or 9:20 pm and last about an hour or so.

✵ HIGHLIGHTS: Awesome Concert, Refreshments, and Walking Tour sponsored by the Crown Hill Funeral Home & Heritage Foundation.

✵ DESCRIPTION: Join us for an concert by renowned organist Charles Manning as the Phantom of the Opera, and accompanied by superb vocalists, Brooke (Fitzwater) Haggard and Eric Wickens, as they perform many selections from the Phantom of the Opera as well as popular TV and movie themes. You'll find yourself singing along, laughing, and so taken by their talent that you won't hesitate to offer a standing ovation. Refreshments and the popular Skeletons in the Closet, Part I walking tour to follow - description below.

✵ NOTE: These concerts aren't recommended for children under eight years old.

✵ WHERE TO MEET: Crown Hill's historic GOTHIC CHAPEL. You MUST enter the 34th St. & Boulevard Place stone gate entrance. (The 38th St. gate will be locked.) The 34th St. Gate is noted with a red marker on the south grounds on this map: http://goo.gl/Z7g2i (you might have to copy & paste it into your browser's address bar). The Gothic Chapel is noted with a blue marker.

✵ COST: Concert, Refreshments & Tour: $20 in the Main Chapel, $15 in the Vestibule. Seating is very limited! (There will be no "tour only" tickets available.) Tickets are non-refundable.

✵ ADVANCE TICKETS: 2013 is the 7th year we've offered "Music of the Night" concerts and every year we're SOLD OUT, so you're encouraged to buy your tickets well in advance. Seating is very limited. Tickets are being sold through Eventbrite -- to PURCHASE concert tickets, please copy & paste this link into your browser window - http://musicofthenight2013.eventbrite.com/

✵ This event is a FUNDRAISING EVENT for the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation, a public charity which promotes, preserves, restores, and educates about Crown Hill. We thank the Crown Hill Funeral Home for helping the Foundation make these concerts, refreshments, and tours possible!

✵ PUBLIC WALKING TOUR: "Skeletons in the Closet, Part I" - tantalizing facts & incidents!

✵ DESCRIPTION: Was it one of his three wives, or another long-time lover, that Skiles Test kept in a glass coffin in his House of Blue Lights along Fall Creek? Why does one headstone say simply "Mother of Rosalind" and not her full name, which would have been Helen Orr Hufnall Phaff English Wegmann English English Prince Prince? He followed in the footsteps of both his father and grandfather to become bank president, building himself a 40,000 square foot mansion on the east side of town, but by the time Stoughton Fletcher died, he'd lost the house, survived his wife's suicide, a runaway daughter's mysterious death, and was working as a hotel elevator operator in Los Angles when his son committed suicide as well. On this tour we'll discuss their lives and the lives of others who show us that money does not necessarily bring happiness. NOTE: this is not a creepy tour about ghosts, but a historical tour about of some of the people buried at Crown Hill.

✵ TIME: approx. 9:15 pm, following the concert & refreshments

✵ WHERE TO MEET: in front of the Gothic Chapel after refreshments

✵ COST: tour is included in concert fee (see above).

✵ THANK YOU! Did you know that your attendance of our tours and events supports the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation?

For more info (not ticket sales), email Marianne Randjelovic at development@crownhill.org
For sale that the concerts is Eric Wicken's brand new CD of sacred music, "Comfort," for $13. Pick-up a copy after the concert!

For information on other Tours and Events at Crown Hill Cemetery you can download our 2013 CALENDAR OF TOURS & EVENTS brochure at http://crownhillhf.org/docs/CalendarOfEvents_2013.pdf

COMING Late October 2013! Get your order form at the concert and see the book!
In celebration of Crown Hill's 150th Anniversary, the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation and the Indiana Historical Society are publishing a beautiful coffee table book in Fall 2013.

"CROWN HILL: History, Spirit, Sanctuary" was written by Douglas Wissing, Marianne Tobias, Rebecca Dolan, and Anne Ryder. It features over 400 pages and 600 beautiful photographs by Marty N. Davis and Richard Fields and tells the story of our nation's third largest non-government cemetery from it's founding in 1863 (during the Civil War) until today, with numerous vignettes of individuals and families who rest within its historic Gothic gates.

For ordering information, please contact Marianne Randjelovic at development@crownhill.org or call (317) 920-4165.

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