Locate a Loved One

If searching for burials, entombments, etc.:

  1. On the first screen, enter the last name and click “Search”
  2. You can also search by the various variables listed in the drop-downs. As you can see, the newer Burial Locator provides more information. In order to find a person’s location, most of the time you’ll only need to record their Name, Section, Lot, and Burial Date.

*Burials, entombments, etc., after 1990: this date will move back as older records are merged with the new records.

Burial Locator Legend

LAST A person’s last name. It may also refer to a name within a last name as well.

For example, if you’re looking up “Smith,” the results will also yield names like “Goldsmith,” etc. As noted by the underlined blue title, this means you will be able to sort this column to change the order of the data.

FIRST A person’s first name. As with the last name, it may also refer to a name (or a letter) within a name. For example, if you type in the letter “M” in the first name search box, the results will yield a list of all the names which begin with an “M” like “Mary,” as well as those which contain an “M” within the name, like “Emma.”

MI A person’s middle initial. This information was provided to us it could help you find your loved one if there are multiple people listed with the same first and last names.

TYPE: Type of location your loved one may be buried, entombed, inurned, scattered, etc.

Ground Space: A cemetery burial underground for caskets and urns. Ground spaces are noted with Section and Lot numbers.

Lawn Crypt: an outdoor, above ground building with crypts for caskets

Mausoleum Crypt: a crypt inside the Community Mausoleum for caskets

Niche: Much smaller than a crypt, a niche is large enough to hold an urn with cremated remains, sometimes referred to as “cremains.” Niches are located inside the Community Mausoleum, the Garden Crypts, the Cross Columbarium, etc.

Personal Estate:

LOCATION The “Location” refers to a “Section,” a building, a structure like the Cross Columbarium, or an area, like our Companion Meadow pet cemetery. When you drive around the cemetery you will see round signs along the sides of the roads with numbers. These are Section numbers. (If your loved one is buried on a Section they will also have a Lot number.)

LOT The “Lot” is a much smaller area within a “Section” containing two or more grave spaces so loved ones can be buried together.